Travelling from one place to another is one of the most boring tasks. You feel tired and bored during a long journey because you have nothing to do. I usually fell asleep when traveling from one city to another but sometimes it gets difficult enough to fall asleep due to some issues. And sometimes it gets enough frustrating because you have nothing to do and you can’t even move.

Some people like to watch movies during a journey but movies can also make you feel bored because of the boring dialogues and sounds. The best way to stay awake and happy during a journey is to play a game. There are people who have several games downloaded in their mobiles to play when they have nothing to do.

The problem is that these downloaded games are not challenging enough and those who want to play some challenging games don’t find these games attractive. In such case, they can play several online games where they have to compete with others in order to win the game. Happy Wheels at Friv is an amazing example of the challenging games.

There is a wide range of challenging games available on the internet that you can play in your spare time especially when you’re traveling. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular online games that passionate players can play on different websites.

8 Ball Pool

8 ball Pool is one of the most popular games of the present times that became popular over the past few years. The quality of this game is that you can play it on the website or you can download it in your mobile to play with your friends. In both the cases, you’ll need an internet connection to play the game with your friends and with thousands other users out there.

This is an amazing game for the snooker players and many snooker players are regularly playing this game to stay active during their spare time. This game helps them improve their playing skills and it enables them to beat their competitors.

Dog Hunt

Dog Hunt is an incredible online game that you can play when traveling. This is an amazing game for the hunters. Hunters have to travel for hours to reach a place where they’re going for hunting. During this long period, they have nothing important to do due to which they get bored and frustrated.

Travelling for hours can cause dullness to the hunters which may create some problem for them when hunting because hunting is an activity that requires you to have an active mind. Hunters can play this game during their journey so that they can stay awake all the time. This game will help them test their skills and learn some more tricks for hunting.

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